Opening Up a New Territory

I am in a new city now, the boss sent me here to set up a new territory. He came with me to start out, so that he could supervise the initial set up and interview the job applicants. After we were set up he left me here to take care of things. Of course I needed to figure out some stuff he forgot. I had to get an online paystub generator for some of the workers who needed them, in fact we are not really cutting checks. The boss decided that it was a lot easier and cheaper to do direct deposits, so he told all of the people who he hired that was how it was going to be. No one really protested, of course no one has any real imperative to cash a check. Continue reading “Opening Up a New Territory”

I Needed More Facebook Fans

I knew that I needed to get more Facebook fans, but I had no idea how to go about that. I was already doing all that I knew, and it was just not happening fast enough. I knew that there had to be help for me though, so I turned to my favorite search engine and looked for social media marketing tips. That is how I found out that I am able to buy Facebook fans, which I had no idea was even possible. It is exactly what I wanted and needed though, so I went to the website of the company that offers this service.

It was really interesting to read their entire site, because they handle all different kinds of social media. Continue reading “I Needed More Facebook Fans”