सब बिकता है – बेचने वाला चाहिए । Sales Training Video in Hindi |

My dear sons and daughters in Sales profession, every thing is sellable, be the sellers. Before I start this video, let me ask you some questions, first how long you have been in this profession? and two, have you earned your desired income? Both these qusetions can not have the YES answer. Chances are the answer to first question is YES, but if you say YES for second question, then either you are telling lie or you have set very small goal and you have achieved that. Let me assume that your answer to second question is NO, atleast majority of you must be saying NO, and the majority wins.

Watch this sales training video in Hindi. I am dedicating this video to Zig Ziglar, the great sales trainer in the world and other Indian sales trainers like Shiv Khera, Santosh Nair, Rajesh Satoskar, Mehboob Cherania, and many more.

TS Madaan
Motivational Speaker | Life Coach | Sales Trainer

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