My Cat and I Both Love Our New Place

I am in the middle of going to school, and living with roommates was becoming a problem. I take my schoolwork very seriously, while they spend a lot of time messing around and partying. I needed a place of my own quickly, and it needed to be affordable, too. One of my school counselors told me about Hernon Walk Apartments nearby, so I figured I would start looking there first.

I do not own a car, so it was important that I find a place that is on a bus line so that I can get to and from school, the store or anywhere else I need to go very easily. I own a cat, so I needed a pet-friendly place. I am also a young female, so a place that was safe is something that I have to keep in mind when living anywhere, too.

I spoke with the apartment manager at the place my school counselor told me about. I was a little worried about what the cost would be like, but was really surprised to learn that I could get a place for under $500 with one bedroom there. I thought I would be stuck with a studio apartment, but now I know differently. Best of all, they had two apartments available at that low price. I was paying that much just to live with roommates, so this was really good news to me. The apartments are also located near several bus stops.

I set up an appointment with apartment manager to look the place over. I fell in love with the place instantly. The complex is gated, which helped me feel right at home and secure. They allow pets and they even have a pond with ducks in it. The unit that I chose has a great view of the pond, so I put my application in right away because I knew my cat would love to sit in the window and watch the ducks. We have now been living here for a week, and I was right about the ducks and my pet!

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Stopping Gout Flareups by Laying off Certain Foods

My neighbor and I both have gout. Could be that we both have it because he is my brother. Okay, enough kidding. I know gout can be really painful. However, I noticed that I was having more attacks of it than my brother, my neighbor, was having. I was missing some work days because of flareups with gout, and he was not missing anything any longer. I was at his house one day a couple of months ago. We sat down at his computer, and he told me to look over here at a website that talks a lot about gout and foods and drinks that can make it worse or a bit better.

I used to get gout flareups about twice per year. Now I get them about four or five times. My brother went from a twice per year gout problem to no problems in the past year and a half. He said he really restricts purines in his diet. They really can get your uric acid to climb, and gout gets bad when the uric acid in your body begins to worsen. I was on a prescription medication for lowering uric acid levels, but it was not helpful enough. I had to take a look at my diet to see what it was that I was eating that was high in purines.

I had no idea that oatmeal was on the high purine list of foods. I was also unaware before going over here to the website that dairy products could actually make your gout feel better. I make sure I get enough dairy products every day now, and I have decided to not eat my customary bowl of hot oatmeal in the morning. I have seen an improvement with my gout flareups now. Now that my diet is in line for those who suffer with gout, I am no longer having the constant flareups.

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