Pumpkin is Really Good for Dogs

When my neighbor made pumpkin treats for her new dog, I wasn't sure that was such a good idea. I know there are a lot of things that dogs cannot eat or it can make them sick. I wasn't sure if pumpkin was on the same list that other foods are on, such as onions, grapes, and chocolate. I decided to go online to make sure, because I wanted to let her know either way. I found out that there are actually a lot of health benefits of pumpkin for dogs and puppies, and it convinced me to start making my own dogs pumpkin treats too.

It is hard to believe that pumpkin is so healthy for them. I have never really considered the bowel habits of my dogs before because they have always been normal that way. As they get older though, I read that this can change. Pumpkin is one of the best treatments for this because it is filled with fiber. Anytime I get constipated, the first thing I do is add more fiber to my diet. It is the same for dogs, which really surprised me.

Also, it helps them maintain their weight since there is so much fiber in canned and raw pumpkin. I make pumpkin treats in the fall, using just a few ingredients. I never shared them with my dogs though because I just thought pumpkin was one of those foods that needed to be avoided. Now that I know this, I am going to start making pumpkin treats year round. I want to help my dogs be as healthy as they can, which includes giving them food that will be healthy and keep them at healthy weights. I cannot wait to start making them some pumpkin treats of their own, and swapping recipes with my neighbor now too.

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