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Coach Sean Smith — How to Be a Life Coach

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Would you like to know the #1 KEY CONCEPT/the missing piece for your Coaching business?

The most important piece to grow your coaching business is Certainty. The definition of Certainty is the STRONG conviction that something is true. This is really key in coaching for you, but more importantly for your clients. When you are certain in all that you do as a coach you will build up this confidence and magnetic energy that allows your clients to listen, to pay attention, to action on their commitments.

There are 3 areas where you you should bring Certainty: Self, Skills, and your Seeker. With “Self,” it is important to have the confidence within yourself to coach or lead. It is also important to know that you don’t have to be the world’s biggest expert to be a coach. All you need to be is a guide for others. A guide to serve. A guide that will keep growing.

For “Skills,” you must have the certainty with your skill set as a coach; having the ability to help someone. An important skill you must understand is to know that as a coach you must have the ability to understand, not to fix. Get curious. See what is underlying within them so that you can bring them forward. Another skill is to have a framework. This gives you and your clients a more clear pathway that they can walk with you on. If you don’t you can’t illuminate the path you want them to walk with you. It will create uncertainty. Lastly, you must get certified in belief change. In life, it’s their beliefs, fears, and their inner conflicts that hold them back. You, as a coach, must be able to change their beliefs with themselves, the world, about their success to be a transformational force.

Lastly, you must have certainty for your “Seeker.” A “seeker” is the person seeking the knowledge that you have. The single most important thing in your marketing as a coach is it to truly understand your seeker. Remember, people buy when you understand them. And the most valuable asset you can have is your seeker’s perspective, understanding their desires, wants, and needs.

When you do this it is then you will be able to move forward with your marketing. However, please note: more marketing without certainty is dangerous. It will create fears and doubts in your coaching and will give exposure to your doubts and conflicts in your marketing. So get CERTAIN with your SELF, SKILLS, and SEEKER and your on your way to taking your coaching business to the next level.

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