CPR, AED, First Aid & AHA Heartsaver Certification Training in Florida

Are You Prepared to Save A Life? To Be Prepared is to Train for the Absolute Worst Case Scenarios and Developing the Instinct, Knowledge & Second Nature Skills to Save a Human Life in an Emergency Situation.

Get Your American Heart Association (AHA) Heartsaver CPR, AED & First Aid Certification and Basic Life Support (BLS) Training for Healthcare Professionals in 1 Day!

Seconds matter and proper training can make a life threatening situation a second nature scenario. Get trained today and be prepared for the worst tomorrow!

Learn the Skills Necessary to Sale A Life by Tomorrow with Invictus!

Register online now for classes in Melbourne:

Brevard Security Training School

or at the Palm Beach Security Academy:

Security Training Academy Palm Beach Schedule

Invictus Security Academy of Florida has Training Facilities in Palm Beach and Melbourne. Invictus also provides on-site/mobile training for security companies world-wide, from individual training, multinational corporations to health care organizations and local nursing professionals.
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