Had to Get the Building Inspected

Of course we had to get the building inspected this week and I just managed to get it done in time. I found a building inspector who made the time to do it and the first thing he did was start to look at the roof. Of course I was not wanting to get a quote on the cost of roof repair in Queens, but that is exactly what I ended up doing. In fact if you recall we just got out of a very severe Winter. In fact we had a long series of big snow events, each one falling right after the other and the snow piled up really high on the roof. At one point this year we had people going in and out of their houses through second story windows. Of course in place the snow piled up to eaves and it was that heavy on top of the roofs as well.

A guy I know was telling me that he was going down the street one day and he nearly got buried by a small avalanche. All of the snow on a roof suddenly shifted and it came down right in front of him. It did not hurt him, but of course if he had been standing under all of the snow he could have gotten buried by it all. It could have been a disaster for him, but he was standing a few feet out out the impact zone and so he just got snow on feet, which was obviously just pure luck. You could just have easily have had bad luck instead of good luck. Stuff like this is happening all over the place and the weight of all that snow did a whole lot of damage. Roofs can only take so much of it.

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