I Wanted a Bigger Apartment

When I got my first apartment, it was nothing impressive at all. I thought when I moved into my second apartment, that things were really looking up for me because I actually did not have to walk a football field away from my front door. I had no idea that luxury apartments in West Palm Beach FL offer so many more perks than just a nice parking spot. I found out when I started looking for my third apartment after getting a new job. I was finally making the kind of money where I could be more selective in where I lived, and I planned to take full advantage of that.

I knew that I wanted to live in a luxury apartment because I wanted the space inside the apartment. I had been living in a very small one bedroom unit for two years, and the place before that was even smaller. I didn’t care if I only had one bedroom, because I really didn’t need the second bedroom for anything, but I did want rooms that were spacious. I wanted it to take more than half a second to get from my living room to the bedroom, and that was going through the kitchen too!

When I saw the apartments at Jefferson Palm Beach, I knew that I had found the place I wanted to live. The living room was nearly as big as my entire apartment before! I also liked that the community amenities were so plentiful. I definitely wanted a pool, but I had no idea there were so many other things for people there to do too. It was very easy to submit my application, and it did not take long for me to find out that I could pick up the keys whenever I wanted. I like moving forward like this!

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