Medical Billing Training CCO

Medical Billing Training CCO

Hi everyone, we are talking today about CCO’s Medical Billing Course. I am Boyd, your webmaster here at, along with Alicia Scott, our education director. We’re talking about medical billing versus medical coding, and a lot of people misunderstand the differences and maybe why you want to take a look at medical billing first, Alicia. Tell us a little bit about maybe why.

Alicia Scott: There’s several advantages to the medical billing course and the medical billing job arena. It’s much easier to get a job in medical billing, the need is high, and there is, therefore, a lot of availability unlike in medical coding when it’s sometimes hard to get your foot in the door. That being said, the pay scale is actually quite good for a medical biller. It’s very comparable. It’s not better than for a coder starting out. In addition, there’s a lot of remote jobs available as a medical biller and you don’t see that very often in medical coding, let alone for a new coder.

Boyd Staszewski: Right. Let’s take a look at our course here at for the medical billing course that we offer. Take us through the membership site and what that looks like when people purchase.

Alicia Scott: When you first go in to your student area and you open up the medical billing course, this is what you’re going to see. Let me just peruse through these chapters real quick so that you can see some of the things that you’ll be learning, very importantly, all the different types of major insurances from workman’s compensation, the military insurances as well as commercial, Medicare, and Medicaid. You’ll feel very comfortable working with them and the forms involved after you get through the course.
Boyd Staszewski: Awesome. Let’s take a look at one of the modules, so people can actually see what it looks like when they actually log in.

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