Online Medical Billing Course — Learn Medical Billing Online

Online Medical Billing Course — Learn Medical Billing Online

Alicia: Well, we have a special guest tonight. I think if you remember, it was last month that we put up Dawn’s photograph from the webinars and a little snippet, a couple of slides of her course, the medical billing course that she is teaching. And talk about alphabet soup, there’s a lot of letters there behind Dawn’s name. Boyd is going to talk to Dawn and ask her a few questions; so, I’ll turn it over to Boyd, let him and Dawn chat a bit.

Boyd: Hi! Sorry everybody can’t see Dawn but we can, so she’s looking great, a very close to what you see on the screen, on your desktop right now. Hi, Dawn, how are you?

Dawn: Hi Boyd, I’m doing fine.

Boyd: Awesome. Now, Dawn and I, and actually Alicia and Laureen, I get to record all of their webinar; so two times a week over the last two weeks, three weeks, or four weeks. I don’t know where, session 9, I think of your Medical Coding & Billing Course, right?

Dawn: Yeah, the Medical Billing Course? Yeah, we’re on week 9.

Boyd: Yeah, and we’ve got a great team that’s putting this together in the background and we’re having a lot of fun in that. Happy birthday first of all, on Monday was your birthday. I won’t say how much or I’ll get in big trouble. But, welcome!

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