Phlebotomy Basics: (Basics of Phlebotomy) Phlebotomy 101 + How to succeed in Phlebotomy

Follow these important phlebotomy rules and you WILL be successful in your phlebotomy career (smile).

This “slideshow” includes great information about Phlebotomy patient identification, labeling your specimens and how to choose the best site for your (phlebotomy) venipuncture.

MY videos to reference:
Phlebotomy order of draw (Part 1)

Phlebotomy order of draw (Part 2)

Phlebotomy Miss ID (Part 1)

Phlebotomy Miss ID (Part 2)

Venipuncture with 21G Butterfly Needle

How to Pack your Specimens

Useful Resources are as follows:
BD Vacutainer Tube Guide

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