St. John Ambulance – Canada’s Premier First Aid Training Organization St. John Ambulance in Canada really serves two purposes. Our first purpose is public training, educating people on how to save a life. The second component is really community services, being involved in the community and delivering community service. The depth of St. John certainly goes well beyond the borders of Canada. Operating in 42 different countries, we run the gamut and we do first aid treatment and we do patient transport, we are involved in fire services. There is a whole host of activities that St. John is involved in.

Getting our start in 1099 we go back to the crusades and were very much involved in war and in battle. Over time, it has really turned into an organization that is there to support, and train and help people across the world, in delivering first aid and CPR.
St. John Ambulance is Canada’s premier first aid provider. We’ve been involved in Canada since 1883. We taught our first first aid course in Quebec City, and that tradition has continued on today. We train more than 550,000 people to save a life on an annual basis.

All the revenue that we are generating through our training and product sales is really to go back into the community. We are focused on delivering service in the community. We have more than 12,000 volunteers that are contributing on an annual basis, and those volunteers amount to more than 1 million hours back to the community. We have medical first responders, we have a youth program, we have campus response teams, we have emergency services, we have therapy dogs, we have car seat safety teams. We really cover the gamut in Canada.

St. John Ambulance is a rewarding organization for our volunteers to be involved in. It gives them a chance to give back to that local community, and they can really choose how they want to do that. Through the different programs that we have there is something that caters to absolutely everyone. Saving a life is an easy thing that anyone can learn to do. It’s a matter of having the training, knowing what to do and how to respond. Anyone can make a difference.

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