That First Impression of Walking into an Apartment Says It All

My wife and I were looking for a nice place to move to. We were traveling from the Mid-Atlantic region all the way to Utah. We were looking for nice apartments in Salt Lake City to rent. We found a place that had everything we wanted and more. We did not think much about it until it was listed as part of the apartment amenities. We liked the idea of a controlled-access gated community and having a night patrol once we saw it was part of the lease. That gives you peace of mind in this world today. The other things we were looking for included having a dishwasher and garbage disposal plus a refrigerator and washer and dryer. We did not want to have to buy anything or take anything big like that with us when we moved.

We actually sold all of our furniture and fit all of our belongings into a small trailer we hooked to the back of our SUV. We sold our second car, and we planned on buying a new one once we got settled in the new place. Our two small dogs were coming with us, and this was the first time we would be paying rent for them. It is only $35, and it is worth it. It is nice to find apartments that cater to pet owners. We found the place online, and we were concerned about signing a lease without having a walk through the apartment first.

I will tell you what I was thinking. My first concern was how it smelled. I could see pictures sent to my phone of the actual apartment, but I really did want to know how the place smelled. Yes, we have dogs, but we are very clean. I am pleased to report that it passed my sniff test. There was no dirt, grease, hair, body odor or anything left behind from a previous tenant. They super cleaned the place. It looks to me like it had never been rented before. That is an indicator of good management.

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